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Why The Polygel Nails Trend Is Catching On?

August 11, 2021 3 min read

There’s nothing better than pampering yourself with a good manicure session, right?

After all, there’s just some instinctive pleasure about getting your nails done.
While acrylic and gel nails are the most popular choices, Polygel nails is one new nail technique that is making a huge buzz nowadays.
If you'd like to take your manicure sessions to the next level, polygel nails are the way to go. Period.
Wondering what are polygel nails and what do they offer?
Let’s delve deep into the world of polygel to give you all the information you need.

What Are Polygel Nails?

Essentially, polygel nail enhancement technique is a hybrid of gel and acrylic methods, offering the best of both. Yes, that’s right!


The polygel’s putty texture makes it extremely versatile and easy to apply.
All you need to do is spread the polygel and smooth it out with a flat brush.


Polygel is specially formulated without any monomers or preservatives so that natural nails are prevented from damage.

UV/LED lamps are often used to cure polygel nails.
The main types include pink, white, or clear, but you can definitely mix them with gel polish to create your own designs.

Benefits Of Polygel Nails

Following are the array of benefits of polygel nails:

- Strong and Flexible

When it comes to manicures, keeping your nails well-maintained is the hardest part.
Polygel nails have higher adaptability due to better consistency make them easy to manage and less prone to breakage.
Moreover, unlike gel polish that is thinner and lasts longer than regular nail polish, polygel is a hard gel that can be applied as a subtle, natural overlay.
Hence, polygel nails are innovative, lighter, and more flexible!

- No Mixing Required

Acrylic nails get their shiny look due to monomer powder, which gives rise to strong smells and weak, brittle nails.
That is why many women often stay away from acrylic despite the variety in nail art.
On the other hand, polygel nails do not require any powder monomer or acrylic liquid, making them safe and reliable.

- Can Be Applied With Dual Forms

One of the reasons why polygel nails are so popular is their versatility.
For instance, if you’re opting for polygel nails for the first time, using a dual form of polygel nails and the right spatula size will aid in quick and neat application.

- Prepping For Best Polygel Nails

Whether you are new to polygel or a raving fan who can’t get enough of it, there’s some essential polygel tips you need to be mindful of.
First and foremost, getting the right tools is critical when it comes to preparing for a manicure session.
Apart from a nail clipper, buffer and a nail file, you will need high-quality polygel solution, a brush for smooth application.
With all these things ready, you can have salon-like nails from the comfort of your home.
Now instead of buying all of these products separately, you can get the best polygel that contains it all.
Thinking where you can find one?
Madeline Luxury Polygel Kit, with its unique formula, premium-quality, professional finish, and durability, makes it the best choice.
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- Parting Thoughts

Polygel nails are relatively new to the beauty industry, but they’re a much safer, flexible, and convenient option.
No wonder they are becoming the go-to choice.
So, what are you waiting for?
Join the polygel nail bandwagon now and stand out from the crowd.

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